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Rock Hyrax

European Studbook

Rock Hyrax occurs throughout sub-Saharan Africa and northeast Africa. The population is currently stable. The main threat is hunting for meat and sport.


■ Within EAZA, captive population data are recorded in European Studbook since 2008. The studbook is currently kept by Zagreb Zoo.

More about Rock Hyraxes in Riga Zoo:

Mihailova A., Dzene K. 2009. Klinšu damanu Procavia capensis vairošanās Rīgas zoodārzā (Breeding the Rock Hyrax Procavia capensis in Riga Zoo). – Rīgas Nacionālais zooloģiskais dārzs 2008. Pp. 50–53. (In Latvian, English.)


■ Phylum Chordata – chordates
■ Class Mammalia – mammals
■ Order Hyracoidea – hyraxes
■ Family Procaviidae – hyraxes
■ Species Procavia capensis – Rock Hyrax, or Dassie
■ Subspecies Procavia capensis capensis – Rock Hyrax, or Dassie

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