Sākums Visiting rules

Visiting rules


Please be aware during your visit:

  1. Do not ride bikes, skates or scooters!
    Respect other visitors and the welfare of the animals at the Zoo!
  2. Do not feed the animals.
    All animals receive specially prepared and balanced diets.
    Additional foods could cause them distress or make them ill.
  3. Do not bring dogs and other pets into the zoo.
    They can scare (as well as infect) the zoo animals.
  4. Do not cross the barriers.
    The barriers are there for a reason. 
    For your safety and the welfare of the animals at the Zoo, please, never climb on, over or under them.
  5. Do not enter the zoo with cotton candy.
    Finish eating your cotton candy before entering the zoo. 
    It is sticky and can stain other people’s clothes and zoo’s exhibitions.
  6. Do not disturb the animals.
    Watch your hands and eyes. You may pet ONLY the animals at the Farmstead.
  7. Do not pick the plants. 
    Appreciate the beauty of the plants by looking at them.
    Please, do not pick flowers or walk into the beds.
  8. Do not make noise or tap on the glass.
    The quieter you are, the more you will see and hear.
    Taping on the glass and yelling will not help attract the animal’s attention.
  9. Do not use drones or similar electronic devices in or over the zoo.

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