Sākums About affiliate “Cīruļi”

About affiliate “Cīruļi”

The Riga Zoo branch “Cīruļi” was established in the summer of 1993. It is 127 hectares large and in its spacious enclosures the visitors can observe 38 different species of wild animals as well as 12 species and breeds of domestic animals.

Walking the facilitated trails of “Cīruļi” and resting at the picnic area can take up to several hours and it is a great way to relax from the daily rush.

Dear visitors, to guarantee that the visit to the Riga Zoo affiliate “Cīruļi” does not turn out to be a disappointment, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes suitable for the weather conditions and, when resting and eating in the picnic area, please clean after yourself so that the place remains pleasant for the next visitors.

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