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According to the Public Procurement Law Section 1 Paragraph 23 — buyer’s profile is the site of a contracting authority in the State electronic information system publicly available on the internet for acceptance of the tenders and applications, where the contracting authority posts information regarding subsequent invitations to tender, regarding planned procurements, concluded contracts, suspended procedures, as well as other information related to procurements as defined in laws and regulations.

The buyer’s — SIA “Rīgas Nacionālais zooloģiskais dārzs” – profile address

Identification number of the purchasePurchaseDate of publicationDate of submission
RNZD iepirkumi 2023Rīga ZOO Procurement Plan for 2023 2023.01.18.
RNZD iepirkumi 2022Rīga ZOO Procurement Plan for 2022 2022.02.23.
RNZD iepirkumi 2021Rīga ZOO Procurement Plan for 2021 (updated)2021.07.15.
RNZD iepirkumi 2020Rīga ZOO Procurement Plan for 2020 2020.01.02.
SIA RNZD 2018/13Health Insurance for Employees 2019 
2018.11.14 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2018/12Expert Examination of the Reconstruction Project of “Environmental Education Centre in Riga National Zoological Garden”2018.10.31.2018.11.16 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2018/11Supply of Fish2018.09.28.2018.10.16 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2018/10Delivery of a Small-Size Tractor2018.06.15.2018.06.28 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2018/09Power Management Services2018.05.23.2018.06.05 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2018/06Supply of Hay 2018/20192018.04.27.2018.05.10 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2018/07Supply of Grass 20182018.04.27.2018.05.10 10:00
SIA RNZD 2018/08Supply of Branches 2018/20192018.04.27.2018.05.10 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2018/05Delivery of a Used Car2018.04.26.2018.05.10 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2018/04Supply of Fuel 2018/20192018.04.16.
2018.04.27 10:00
SIA RNZD 2018/03Development of the Reconstruction Project of “Environmental Education Centre in Riga National Zoological Garden” and its Design Supervision2018.03.15.2018.04.10 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2018/02Design and Design Supervision of the Environmental Education Centre2018.01.22.2018.02.15 11:00Result
RNZD iepirkumi 2018Rīga ZOO Procurement Plan for 2018 2018.01.02.
SIA RNZD 2017/08Health Insurance for Employees 2018 2017.12.08.2017.12.22 11:00Result
SIA RNZD 2017/06Lease Purchase Financing of a Used Passenger Car2017.06.16.2017.06.29 10:00
SIA RNZD 2017/05Supply of Branches2017.04.18.2017.05.02 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2017/04Supply of Hay2017.04.18.2017.05.02 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2017/03Supply of Grass 20182017.04.18.2017.05.02 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2017/02Supply of Fuel2017.03.15.2017.03.28 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2017/01Delivery of Quarantine Unit Equipment
2017.03.21 10:00Result
RNZD iepirkumi 2017Rīga ZOO Procurement Plan for 2017 2016.12.28.
SIA RNZD 2016/14Supply of Meat2016.12.27.
2017.01.10 10:00
SIA RNZD 2016/13Health Insurance for Employees2016.12.07.2016.12.21 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2016/12Delivery of Operating Room Container2016.11.11.2016.11.23 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2016/11Refrigerator Container Delivery2016.11.11.2016.11.23 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2016/10Insurance of Real Estate and Movable Property2016.09.14.2016.09.27 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2016/09Supply of Fish2016.07.13.2016.07.26 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2016/08Supply of Rabbits2016.07.13.2016.07.26 10:00Result
SIA RNZD 2016/07Supply of brooms made of branches2016.05.05.2016.05.18 11:00Result
SIA RNZD 2016/05Supply of Grass2016.05.05.2016.05.18 11:00Result
SIA RNZD 2016/06Supply of Hay2016.05.05.2016.05.18 11:00Result
SIA RNZD 2016/04Supply of Household Goods2016.02.15.2016.02.26 11:00Result
SIA RNZD 2016/03Supply of Branches2016.02.15.2016.02.26 11:00Result
SIA RNZD 2016/02Dump Truck Services2016.02.15.2016.02.26 11:00Result
SIA RNZD 2016/01Supply of Fuel2016.02.15.2016.02.26 11:00Result
RNZD iepirkumi 2016Riga ZOO Procurement Plan for 20162016.01.02.2016.12.31 00:00

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