Sākums Animals Channeled Apple Snail

Channeled Apple Snail

Channeled Apple Snail is the southernmost apple snail species, distributed in tropical and subtropical South America. Its native range include  Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. The numbers are increasing. There is no evidence of any major threats to the species or its habitat.
This species was also introduced to most of southern, eastern, and southeast Asia and the southern part of the United States. Channeled Apple Snail is considered to be one of the worst invaders in recent time in the Southeast Asian region.


■ Phylum Mollusca – mollusks
■ Class Gastropoda – gastropods
■ Order Architaenioglossa – architaenioglossids
■ Family Ampullariidae – apple snails
■ Species Pomacea canaliculata – Channeled Apple Snail

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