Sākums Reintroduction of Eastern Tree Frog in Latvia

Reintroduction of Eastern Tree Frog in Latvia

Riga Zoo’s most significant contribution to biodiversity conservation in Latvia is the successful reintroduction of the Eastern Tree Frog (Hyla orientalis). In 1988–1992, a total of 4110 Tree Frog young, bred in the Zoo’s Laboratory of Ecology, were released into the wild in Blažģa Ezers protected nature area. As a result, a healthy wild Eastern Tree Frog population was established in Southwestern Latvia. The reintroduction project was initiated and led by Juris Zvirgzds, Head of the Zoo’s Laboratory of Ecology. In 1997, Juris Zvirgzds received the award of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia for his contribution to nature protection and conservation of biodiversity.


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