Rubīns the Lynx to start a new family


Rubīns, the 10 years old Riga Zoo's male Lynx, has spent its life together with Kamēlija, raising 10 young since 2013. Now it is planned to create a new Lynx pair with Dadze, a young female Lynx of wild origin.

The Bird Day continues at the Brother's Cemetery


On 31 March at 11:00, an improvised Woodpecker's Workshop will start its work at the Brother's Cemetery in Riga. The members of the Youth Guard (the youth organization of the National Guard) will build nest boxes and install them at the territory of the Brother's Cemetery. 15 sets for building nest boxes for wild birds were provided by Riga Zoo.

More on nest boxes for wild birds


See videos to learn how to build nest boxes for tits and starlings!

A virtual Bird Day at the Zoo


Bird Day has been a traditional event at the Zoo for already 25 years. Up to now, each spring we invited families to the Woodpecker Workshop at the Zoo, to learn how to build nest boxes for wild birds. Of course, 2021 is a different year because of the restrictions introduced to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and we cannot invite you to attend events at the Zoo in person. Still, we can invite you to a virtual Bird Day! Everybody can build nest boxes at home on 28 March at 12:00 and follow the Woodpecker News on the Zoo's website and Facebook account.

Riga Zoo's young Grey Seal to be released into the sea and tracked by a satellite


On Friday, 19 March, there will be a special boat trip from Ventspils into the Baltic Sea. KA-14 Astra, the coastal guard boat of the Latvian Naval Forces, will make a trip together with Riga Zoo staff, to release a young Grey Seal into the sea. The seal has a satellite tracking device fitted on its back. It will allow us to follow the animal's movements at sea. Before the release, the young seal will be given a name chosen by Ventspils citizens.


The Kangaroo just likes to rest this way!


Why a Kangaroo is sleeping on its back? And what if the Kangaroo's posture seems indeed inappropriate?  Is the Kangaroo unwell?

See the video of the Kangaroo for the answer!

Meet baby Zebra at the Zoo


A female Chapman's Zebra foal was born on 13 November, 2020. It is now seen at the Zoo's African Savannah. Each day on the morning until the afternoon the mother, Dania, and its baby, Zara, will spend their time at the zebra outdoor exhibit.

Tropical Month. Cooperation


The fourth week of the Zoo's virtual Tropical Month is dedicated to those animals that live in large societies (colonies) and are able to solve any problems by working together. They achieve success thanks to the mutual understanding and discipline within the colony!

Tropical Month. Don't come too close!


The third week of the Zoo's virtual Tropical Month is dedicated to those animals that can easily maintain the distance from others because… everybody are afraid of them. Why it is so?

Tropical Month. A social distancing


The second week of the Zoo's virtual Tropical Month is dedicated to the social (and physical) distancing.

Keeping the distance from strangers is a routine necessity for animals. If you will not keep the physical distance from other animals, there is a risk you will have to fight or you just will be eaten.

Tropical Month. A curfew


The first week of the Zoo's virtual Tropical Month is dedicated to the curfew and self-isolation at home.

There are various animals at the Zoo' Tropical House. A lot of them spend a great part of their life at their homes, and the reasons why they do so are also various.

Welcome to the Zoo's virtual Tropical Month


Every year February is the Tropical Month when we invite everybody to come to educational events at the Zoo's Tropical House. However, as we all know, this February is different. There are many restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This February we cannot invite you to any events, as the Zoo's Tropical House is closed to the public while the pandemic situation persists.

Still, we can invite you to a virtual Tropical Month! You still can follow the Zoo's tropical news on the Zoo's website and Facebook account. So you will be able to join our Tropical Month even without leaving your home!

A baby seal born at the Zoo


26 January on the morning the Zoo's female Grey Seal gave birth to a healthy pup!

The happy family is seen at the outdoor exhibit where our seals dwell all the year round. The baby spends its time outside the pool, under the care of its mother who remains nearby.

Riga Zoo has joined the Global Coalition for Biodiversity


On 3 March 2020, World Wildlife Day, the European Commission launched a new global coalition for biodiversity, "United for Biodiversity", in Monaco. The coalition called on all world zoos, aquariums, botanic gardens, science and natural history museums to join forces and boost public awareness about the nature crisis.

Riga National Zoological Garden has joined the Global Coalition for Biodiversity. Our Zoo is the first zoo in the Baltics to join the coalition. We are also proud of Gatis Šļūka, Latvian graphic artist, whose sketch has been chosen as one of images for the coalition's visual identity.

Zoo continues to welcome visitors


Riga Zoo remains open to the public. Visitors are welcome to have a walk around the Zoo grounds and see animals in the Zoo's outdoor exhibits.

While the Covid-19 pandemic still persists, the Zoo's indoor exhibits are closed to the public to prevent the spread of the infection.

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