Support a meal for the Giraffe's birthday party!


Zoo visitors would like to feed the animals at the Zoo. However, to avoid the overfeeding and health problems, that is not allowed. We are  thankful to those many visitors who understand and follow these rules. Still, you can support the feeding of Zoo animals like Vakilija, the young female Giraffe that arrived to our Zoo on 22 July. Soon, on 9 August, Vakilija will celebrate her birthday.

Zoo Lion cubs already 2 months old


Two African Lion babies, born on 31 May at Riga Zoo, have just reached 2 months of age. They are healthy and are developing well. Now they spend most of the day, especially the afternoon, at the outdoors exhibit of the Lion House, playing together and exploring the enclosure.

More indoor exhibits reopened to the public


Terrarium, Aquarium and Latvian Amphibian and Reptile Hall now are all reopened to the public. The opening hours there is as always from 10:00–19:00. Still, to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we ask you to be responsible and follow the safety precautions.

A female giraffe has arrived from Austria


On 26 July a female Baringo Giraffe arrived from Zoo Schmiding, Austria. The newcomer, almost 2 years old Vakilija (Wakilia) (b. 9.08.2019) will join her new mate, the 14 years old Riga Zoo's male Baringo Giraffe, Kimi (b. 24.07.2007) at the Zoo's Giraffe House.

New babies to Vicuñas and Crowned Cranes


On 21 July a baby was born to the rarest of South American camelid species, Vicuñas. A Vicuña calf was born on the afternoon, in full sight of the Zoo public. A few days before, Grey Crowned Crane pair hatched a chick.

Tropical House reopened to the public


The Zoo's Tropical House is open to the public again. Its opening hours is as always from 10:00–18:45. Still, to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we ask you to be responsible and follow the safety precautions.

Lynx kittens at the Zoo


At the end of May, two Northern Lynx babies were born at the Zoo. Both young, a male and a female, are already seen to the Zoo's public playing at outdoor area of their exhibit.

A time capsule to be laid in the foundation of the Zoo's Environmental Education Centre


On Monday, 21 June at 11:30, a time capsule with a message for the future will be laid in the foundation of the new Environmental Education Centre of Riga Zoo which construction is about to begin.

Lion cubs at the Zoo again


22 years have passed since visitors were able to see lion cubs in Riga Zoo. Now there are happy news again! Two African Lion babies, born on 31 May, can be seen in the company of their parents at the Zoo's Lion Exhibit.

Servals in exhibit at Riga Zoo from today


A wild cat species with largest ears and longest legs is seen in exhibit in Riga Zoo from today. The newcomers are two Serval youngsters, brothers Zulu and Kofi born in Dvůr Králové Zoo, Czech Republic, on 1 May 2020. Now they explore their new home, an exhibit in Riga Zoo next to the Amur Tiger enclosure.

Two young Grey Seals to return to the sea


On 3 June two rehabilitated Grey Seal youngsters will be released into the Gulf of Riga. KA-08 Saule, the coastal guard boat of the Latvian Naval Forces, in its trip from Roja into the Gulf of Riga, will take the seals to their release site. Both seals, Melluzis and Grīva, have satellite tracking devices fitted on their backs. That will make it possible for us to follow the released animals' movements at sea.

Čāpiņš the Beaver to leave for the Netherlands to meet his fiancée


On 27 May Čāpiņš, the European Beaver that was raised up in Riga Zoo, will depart to the Netherlands. The 8 years old beaver male is welcome to Gaia Zoo in Kerkrade, to create a pair. He will join a 6 years old female, Betty, at a spacious exhibit.

Behavioural enrichment for zoo tigers


The Zoo's everyday routine includes the environmental enrichment for animals in shape of various toys and other stimuli. Riga Zoo's Amur Tigers just got a new toy, a hammock made of fire-hose. (Tigers would thank the State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia, or VUGD, for the gift of the used fire-hose!)

An unleashed fashion show at the Zoo


The spring now has come, and zoo animals have started to shed their thick winter coats. Some of visitors have started to complain about the miserable appearance of animals. "Their wool looks like moth-eaten!" Do we really have to worry about these animals?

Youth guards help clean territory of the Zoo


Youth Guard (the youth organization of National Guard) continues to help the Zoo! This week and the next at least 200 members of the 5th regional unit of Youth Guard will come to help with spring cleaning works in the territory of the Zoo. The Zoo sincerely thanks everyone involved.

A farewell to the Zoo's old Monkey House


On 22 April at 11:00, the keys of the Zoo's old Monkey House will be officially handed to a construction company to start dismantle the old building and construct a new facility – an Environmental Education Centre. The total costs of the project are EUR 2.1 million. The project will be possible thanks to the additional funding provided by the Cohesion Fund.

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