The Zoo celebrates its birthday


On 14 October, Riga Zoo celebrates its 109th Anniversary. In this day, we send our best wishes to all our colleagues, supporters and friends.

A call to donate toys to Zoo animals


Riga Zoo will celebrate its 109th Anniversary on 14 October. There were several Zoo animals that gave the joy to Zoo visitors the most. Among them were Augusts the Amur Tiger, Teika and Varis the African Lion cubs,  Demija and Rems the Nothern Lynx kittens, and Vakilija the new Baringo Giraffe. This year visitors were able to watch them playing. Now the animals deserve to receive some more toys!

Some used leather ball from a dedicated Zoo friend can make a really valuable present for Zoo animals.

Pigeons secure the victory in Animal Days at the Zoo again


On 9 and 10 October, the annual Animal Days were organized both at Riga Zoo and Affiliate Cīruļi, to honor Riga Zoo's 109th Anniversary. 1243 visitors with animal names in their surnames or names were recorded, including names in various languages and grammatical forms.

A visit to the Zoo only with a Covid-19 certificate


Starting from Monday 11 October, the visit to Riga Zoo and Affiliate Cīruļi is possible only presenting a valid EU Covid-19 certificate proving that you are vaccinated against Covid-19 or recovered from it, as well as an identity document.

Animal Days at the Zoo on 9–10 October


On 9 and 10 October, the Animal Days will take place at the Zoo, to honor Riga Zoo's 109th Anniversary. During this event, people whose name or surname contains a name of any animal will be especially welcome to the Zoo to take part in the annual Animal Days' Championship. The event will take place both at the Riga Zoo and the Affiliate Cīruļi.

The first animals for the new Environmental Education Centre to arrive


At the beginning of October, the first animals for the Zoo's new Environmental Education Centre are expected to arrive. They will include two Beauty Ratsnakes from Plock Zoo, five Common Garter Snakes from Munster Zoo, and two Ornate Mastigures (a beautiful lizard species) from Berlin Zoo.

A call to schools to help to supply acorns for the Zoo


Riga Zoo announces Zoozīļuks 2021 campaign with a call to schools (and kindergartens) to help collecting acorns for Zoo animals.

Lion cubs got their new names, Varis and Teika


On 15 September, the names were given to the Zoo's African Lion cubs (born on 31 May). The winners of the lion name idea contest, Maksims Novickis and Paula Pakere, named the new names of the two cubs, Teika and Varis. Mārtiņš Staķis, the Major of Riga, and Arturs Toms Plešs, the Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development, became the godfathers of Teika and Varis respectively.

A name giving to African Lion cubs on 15 September


The name giving to the Zoo lion cubs will take place on 15 September at 12:00. Mārtiņš Staķis, the Major of Riga, and Arturs Toms Plešs, the Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development, will take part in the event, to take the duties of godfathers to the young lions.

A natural meadow to be established for bumblebees and solitary bees


On 12 September at 13:00, the first effort to create a natural meadow will take place in Riga Zoo. Mārtiņš Staķis, the Major of Riga, Inga Račinska, Member of Board, Latvian Fund for Nature, and Jānis Rudzītis, Chairman of the Board of Riga Zoo, will join their forces to create a natural meadow, sowing a selected mix of meadow plant seeds. This will be the first step within the framework of the Urban Grasslands Project.

Vakilija the Giraffe says thanks for donations for her meals


Vakilija the Giraffe says a sincere THANKS to all of her 50 friends who supported her! 1250 euros were donated for Giraffe's meals. The campaign was launched on the Giraffe’s two-year birthday on 9 August. To provide one day with three types of specialized pelleted food, alfalfa hay and specialized mineral supplements, which she receives in addition to the basic feed – willow twigs, alfalfa hay and oats, 25 euros are needed.

A name giving to Lynx kittens on 26 August


On 26 August at 15:00, the name giving event will take place in the Zoo. Two Northern Lynx kittens will receive a gift from their godparents and best friends from Jēkabpils. Raivis Ragainis, the Chairman of the Jēkabpils Municipality Council, will announce their new names.

A new exhibit to be opened tomorrow


On 24 August at 12:00 a new exhibit will be opened at Riga Zoo. The species label at the exhibit will read: Homo sapiens. This will be a new life for the old lynx cage, built in 1913, that was empty for the last 20 years. Now every Zoo visitor can enter the cage to spend a moment in display. Needless to say, it is allowed to feed and tease the (temporary) inhabitants of the new exhibit and, of course, to take the photographs.

Help to name the lion cubs!


The two African Lion cubs, born on 31 May, now are already reached the age of 2.5 months. They develop well and spend their time playing in the outdoor area of the Lion House, and many Zoo visitors have already met them. Now it's the time to give the playful babies the names! So now the Zoo, together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia, announces the lion cub naming contest!

Five stories about invasive species


With the support of the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund (Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia) five interactive education panels have been installed at the Zoo. Now Zoo visitors can learn more about five invasive animal species.

Happy birthday to Vakilija


Vakilija, the young female Baringo Giraffe that arrived from Austria to Riga not so long ago, celebrates her birthday. That is a rather peaceful and silent birthday party since the newcomer still adapts to her new house and has not started to accept guests yet. However, she has already had her birthday meal and enjoyed that very much. The today's meal was paid by Asne Beķere who was the first to respond to Zoo's call to support Vakilija with donations of EUR 25 covering a day's ration of a Giraffe. Even more, the meals of Tuesday and Wednesday are ready as well, thanks to the support of Inese Dudareva and Vineta Daņiļeviča.

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