The Winter Night lottery winner revealed


During Winter Nights at the Zoo, from 9 December–9 January, everybody were welcome to support a lichen meal for the Zoo's Forest Reindeer, donating EUR 20 and taking part in the lottery to win the set of Elmo the Reindeer's antlers. Every supporter's name was included in the calendar. On 11 January, the winner of the lottery was picked up.

Winter Nights at the Zoo continue this weekend


The Winter Nights at the Zoo this year will continue until 9 January. So we remind you that this weekend from 16:00 to 19:00 there will still be an entrance fee discount for adults (the ticket will cost EUR 5.00). Zoo ticket offices will be open until 19:00, animal indoor exhibits will be open until 20:00, and you will be welcome to have a walk around the Zoo until 21:00.

A Sloth for the Zoo's future Environmental Education Centre


The construction of the Zoo's new Environmental Education Centre continues. The basic shape of the building is already evident. So the Zoo also has to continue to look for animals to be housed at the new centre. Another new animal is just arrived, a 1.5 years old male Two-toed Sloth. This is the first time Riga Zoo has this species in the animal collection. While the construction of the new premises continues, the newcomer spends its time off-public in the Zoo's Kangaroo House.

Elmo the Reindeer has just shed its antlers!


Elmo the Reindeer bull shed its magnificent antlers during the night prior to 24 December, just before Christmas! The weight of the fallen set of antlers proved to be 7 kilograms exactly. After shedding the antlers, some red trace remains seen for some days at the pedicles, but that does not cause any discomfort for to the animal. After just a couple of months new antlers will start to grow.

The first ever Darwin's Rhea chick in Riga Zoo


A Darwin's Rhea chick hatched in Riga Zoo for the first time on 26 November. 

Winter Nights at the Zoo continue


The Winter Nights at the Zoo this year will continue from 9 December until 9 January. During Winter Nights, from 16:00 to 19:00 there will be an entrance fee discount for adults (the ticket will cost EUR 5.00). Zoo ticket offices will be open until 19:00, animal indoor exhibits will be open until 20:00, and you will be welcome to have a walk around the Zoo until 21:00.

Winter Nights at the Zoo: meet Elmo the Reindeer


From 9 December you are welcome to the Winter Nights at the Zoo. Visiting the Zoo in the dusk you will find out more about animals' night habits. You'll be able to meet playful African Lion cubs and many more, and of course Elmo, the Reindeer. 

Zoo Lion cubs already 6 months old


Teika and Varis, the African Lion babies, born on 31 May at Riga Zoo, have just reached 6 months of age. They are healthy and are developing well. They are still sometimes sucking, but mostly they eat a solid food. Their birthday meal consisted of 2.5 kilograms of beef. Bon Appétit!

Northern Lynx kittens already 6 months old


Two Riga Zoo's Northern Lynx kittens that were born on 27 May, were given names Demija and Rems by Jēkabpils citizens. Now, they are already 6 months old.

Feeding enrichment for Vakilija the Giraffe


In the wild, Baringo Giraffes spend up to 20 hours per day feeding. In the zoo, Giraffe would eat all the day's ration in time of just minutes. To make zoo animals to look for the food more actively, various enrichment tools can help.

See the video on feeding enrichment for Vakilija the Giraffe.

On 16 November Riga Zoo reopens to the public again


After a month of lockdown, both the Zoo and Affiliate Cīruļi reopen their gates on 16 November. Visitors are welcome to the Zoo again! 

Zoozīļuks 2021 campaign concluded


Riga Zoo's Zoozīļuks 2021 campaign took place on 23 September–4 October. That was a call to schools of Latvia to help collecting acorns for Zoo animals. During the campaign, the Zoo received 13 649 kilograms of acorns, collected by almost 2800 children from various schools and kindergartens of Latvia. Zoozīļuks says an enormous thanks to all participants. Now the campaign is concluded and it is the time to announce the winners.

Autumn has come to the Zoo


The Zoo is closed to the public while Covid-19 pandemic persists. We hope to reopen the gates in a month. Just now it is a gorgeous autumn and the Zoo is still golden with falling leaves. While the gates are locked, we invite you to watch the video on how Zoo animals enjoy this autumn.

The biggest pumpkin weighs 294 kg this year


The final of the 17th Annual Pumpkin Championship of Latvia, organized by Maxima retail chain, took place at the Zoo, with the help of Dainis Zāģeris and Māris Krievelis, Latvia’s strongmen. For the first time an additional contest was held for younger gardeners, with the participation by Mazpulki, a Latvian rural youth organization.

The Zoo celebrates its birthday


On 14 October, Riga Zoo celebrates its 109th Anniversary. In this day, we send our best wishes to all our colleagues, supporters and friends.

A call to donate toys to Zoo animals


Riga Zoo will celebrate its 109th Anniversary on 14 October. There were several Zoo animals that gave the joy to Zoo visitors the most. Among them were Augusts the Amur Tiger, Teika and Varis the African Lion cubs,  Demija and Rems the Nothern Lynx kittens, and Vakilija the new Baringo Giraffe. This year visitors were able to watch them playing. Now the animals deserve to receive some more toys!

Some used leather ball from a dedicated Zoo friend can make a really valuable present for Zoo animals.

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