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Grey Seal

European Studbook

Grey Seal is distributed in North Atlantic waters. It occurs in Belgium, Canada, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States. The numbers are increasing. Main threats include hunting, by-catch mortality in fishing nets, exposure to agricultural pollutants  as well as oil spills.


■ Within EAZA, captive population data are recorded in European Studbook since 2000. The studbook is kept by Warsaw Zoo.
■ Baltic Sea populations of Grey Seal are listed in Appendix II of Bonn Convention, as a migratory species what conservation and management requires international cooperation.
■ Listed in Appendix III of Bern Convention, as a protected fauna species in Europe.
■ Listed in Annexes II and V of EU Habitats and Species Directive.
■ An especially protected species in Latvia (the Cabinet of Ministers’ Regulations No. 396 on November 14, 2000).

More about Seals at Riga Zoo:

Heidere I. 2006. Roņu apmācība Rīgas zoodārzā 2005.–2006. gadā (Seal training at Riga Zoo in 2005–2006). – Par mums un mūsu dzīvniekiem: Rīgas zoodārza dzīvnieku kopēju kurss 2005/2006. Rīgas Nacionālais zooloģiskais dārzs. Pp. 121–131. (In Latvian.)

Jačmenkina K. 2007. Roņu trenēšanas metodika (Seal training methods). – Par mums un mūsu dzīvniekiem: Rīgas zoodārza dzīvnieku kopēju kurss 2006/2007. Rīgas Nacionālais zooloģiskais dārzs. Pp. 5.–62. (In Latvian.)

Ячменкина К. 2008. Реабилитация тюленей в Рижском зоосаде (Seal rehabilitation at Riga Zoo). Презентация в семинаре (Poster report, in Russian.)


■ Phylum Chordata – chordates
■ Class Mammalia – mammals
■ Order Pinnipedia – pinnipeds, or seals
■ Family Phocidae – true seals
■ Species Halichoerus grypus – Grey Seal

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