Sākums Animals Butterfly Splitfin

Butterfly Splitfin

IUCN Red List: Critically Endangered
EEP (EAZA Ex-situ Programme)

Butterfly Splitfin is a rare livebearer species that once was already thought to be extinct in the wild (such a status was officially assigned in 1996). Later, though, a wild population was rediscovered again, so in 2019 the status was changed to Critically Endangered.

Butterfly Splitfin occurs only in a small area in Mexican state of Jalisco where it is currently found near Teuchitlán (Ameca River drainage). The numbers are decreasing. 
Main threats include water pollution and invasive fish species (especially Poecilia mexicana, Pseudoxiphophorus bimaculatus and Xiphophorus hellerii).


■ Included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as Critically Endangered (CR) since 2019.
■ The species is managed under the EEP (EAZA Ex-situ Programme).


■ Phylum Chordata – chordates
■ Class Actinopterygii – ray-finned fishes
■ Order Cyprinodontiformes – toothcarps
■ Family Goodeidae – splitfins
■ Species Ameca splendens – Butterfly Splitfin

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