Animal Family Days at the Zoo on 11 and 12 May


On 12–13 May you are welcome to Animal Family Days at the Zoo.

This year we invite you to join the photo orienteering game. The map with points and photos is available at the Zoo's box offices, or you can download it here. At each point you will be able to learn more on animal families and how the parents care for their babies.

A Zebra baby born at the Zoo


A Chapman's Zebra foal was born on 7 May. Its first walk outdoors took place already on the second day of its life. The baby spends time together with its mother, Danija.

Let's look for European Tree Frog


Riga Zoo has decided to collect data on European Tree Frog (Hyla arborea) current distribution in Latvia. The species has been reestablished in Latvia in 1990ies, thanks to the reintroduction project performed by Riga Zoo.

Now Riga Zoo calls everybody to help by reporting known Tree Frog sites in Latvia. The best indication of Tree Frog presence is its song that can be heard on warm nights from late April to June.

The length and weight of the Zoo's largest snake measured


The Riga Zoo's largest snake is the Reticulated Python that is exhibited at the Tropical House and is 11 years old. Visitors often wonder how long this big snake really is.

Krapa the Ringed Seal moves to the Seal Exhibit


Now Zoo visitors can meet Krapa the Ringed Seal. After a successful rehabilitation at the Zoo's quarantine facility Krapa now dwells at the Seal Exhibit.

The name-giving to the Zoo-born baby seal


On 4 April at 12:00, you are welcome to attend the name-giving event at the Zoo. The name will be chosen to a male baby seal that was born on 21 January to the Zoo's Grey Seal mother, Krista. 

Bird Days at Ciruļi


This weekend, on 6–7 April from 12.00 to 15.00, the Woodpecker Workshop will take place near the Cīruļi bear exhibit. Everyone will have the opportunity to learn how to construct safe nest boxes for small cavity-nesting birds like tits, flycatchers and starlings.

Bird Days at the Zoo on 30–31 March


From 12.00 to 15.00, the Woodpecker Workshop will offer the opportunity to construct nest boxes for tits and starlings. Posters with nest box construction instructions will be available at the workshop, and zoo staff will help with advice. Please note that the number of nest box sets is limited.

Babies born to Naked Mole-rats


Five pups have been born to Naked Mole-rats. This is the first breeding of this species at Riga Zoo. The family with young is seen at the exhibit at Terrarium House.

Babies were born on 21 February, but newborns were tiny, almost impossible to see, – only 1–2 centimeters long, and their weight was even less than 1 gram. Now the pups are grown bigger, and they are seen in the cave system trying to move around, and adults sometimes carry them from one place to other.

Two exhausted seal pups have been transported to the Zoo


Currently seal pups can be sighted on sea coast of Latvia. Born at Estonian islands, they are  brought here by sea streams and winds.

Some of them reach our beaches in bad condition and injured. On 7 March, experts of Nature Conservation Agency brought two such seal pups to the Zoo for rehabilitation.

Gigantic grasshoppers on display at the Zoo


Unusually large grasshopper species, Siliquofera grandis, has been introduced to the terrestrial invertebrate exhibit at the Zoo's Tropical House.

First signs of spring at the Zoo


Spring begins at the Zoo! Peacocks display their tails, Manchurian Cranes sing and dance, Patas Monkey mothers care for their babies.

The first ever Galah chicks at Riga Zoo


At the end of January, four Galahs hatched at the Zoo. This is the first breeding of this parrot species in Riga Zoo.

Tropical month at the Zoo


The main topics of this year's Tropical Month will be eggs and animal reproduction. You will learn how various animals reproduce. You'll see various types of eggs. How they are laid? How they are incubated? What happens when the young have been hatched? You'll find out the answers to these questions and many more.

Tropical Month at the Zoo till 28 February


Riga Zoo's tradition for many years is to organize the Tropical month, the "hottest" event of the year, in the coldest month of the year.

This year the Tropical Month at the Zoo will start on 4 February.


Special offers for zoo visitors in February


Riga Zoo, together with the Inquiry Service 1188, offers various discounts for visitors in February.

  • A discount to Zoo ticket price during Tropical Month event. 
  • A discount to the Zoo parking area while you attend the Zoo.
  • A discount for visitors who come to the Zoo multiple times.

Find the discount coupon on the website of, show the coupon at the Zoo’s ticket office and receive a discount visiting the Zoo on February 2019.

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