A Vicuña baby for the first time at Riga Zoo


At the afternoon of 2 December the first baby was born at the Zoo's Vicuña group.

See the video that was filmed on the second day of the young Vicuña's life!

The acorn collecting campaign concluded


Riga Zoo thanks all school groups that helped to collect acorns for Zoo animals. 222 kilograms of acorns of both Common Oak and Norther Red Oak were supplied to the Zoo by Latvia's schools in autumn 2019.

The 14th pumpkin contest final at the Zoo


On 25 October the final of the 14th Annual Pumpkin Championship of Latvia, organized by Maxima retail chain, took place at the Zoo, with the help of Agris Kazeļņiks and Aivars Šmaukstelis, Latvia’s strongmen.

Rehabilitated Ringed Seal leaves for Klaipeda


Today Krapa the rehabilitated Ringed Seal left for its new home at Lithuanian Sea Museum, Klaipeda.

A call to schools to help to supply acorns for the Zoo


Riga Zoo announces Zoozīļuks 2019 campaign with a call to schools to help collecting acorns for Zoo animals. The Zoozīļuks 2019 campaign will take place from 24 October to 15 November.

The new African Savannah exhibit to be opened on 18 October


On Friday, 18 October at 14:00 the new African Savannah exhibit will be officially opened. From Saturday, 19 October, Riga Zoo's visitors will be welcome to explore the new exhibit via the 330 meters long pathway, to meet three antelope species, zebras and the newest inhabitants of the Zoo, Gelada monkeys.

Animal Days at the Zoo on 12–13 October


On 12 and 13 October, the Animal Days will take place at the Zoo, to honor Riga Zoo's 107th Anniversary. During this event, people whose name or surname contains a name of an animal will be especially welcome to the Zoo. The event will take place both at the Riga Zoo and the Affiliate Cīruļi.

Wolf pack inventory at Affiliate Cīruļi


This spring the Grey Wolf pair at Cīruļi produced seven offspring (even more than it was thought before!). This was the second successful breeding of the young parents. The proud father, Ķoniņš comes from the wild (it was rehabilitated as an orphaned young at Cīruļi in 2016), the mother, Alize, comes from the zoo in Sweden. The wolf cubs of this year grew up within the wolf pack under the care of their parents and older siblings.

Moscow Zoo's photo exhibition at Riga Zoo


On 20 September a Moscow Zoo's photo exhibition named "Moscow Zoo in Photographs. The Golden Collection" was opened at Riga Zoo's Aquarium hall. This event was a part of the Days of Moscow in the Baltic countries that took place on 17–20 September in Tallinn, Riga and Daugavpils. The photo exhibition will be open to Riga Zoo's public for several months.

African Savannah exhibit ready for inhabitants


On 19 September at 11:00 and official agreement was signed that Riga Zoo would undertake the newly built African Savannah exhibit complex, to create the exhibits and move the animals there.

Zoo's Galápagos tortoises to be weighed on 29 August


On Thursday 29 August at 13:15, the annual Galápagos Tortoises weighing event will take place already for the 19th time. The two giant tortoises, Čelsija and Trīne, will be weighed again, with the help of the event's patron, Raimonds Bergmanis, strongman, and Daumants Dreiškens, bobsledder and Olympic champion.

Animals at the urban environment of Riga


Do you know where a lion, a peacock, an owl, a deer are found in Riga? Many houses at Riga are decorated with animal figures. Riga Zoo invites you to observe the prototypes of these Riga's animals at the Zoo.

Kirk's Dik-dik, a new species in Riga Zoo


Riga Zoo now exhibits one of the smallest antelopes of the world, Kirk's Dik-dik (Madoqua kirkii). These animals can be seen at the African Savannah exhibit by the Zoo's Giraffe enclosure.

Name-giving to Lynx kittens together with Jēkabpils


On 13 August the name-giving to Lynx kittens took place together with the Zoo Lynxes' godparents from Jēkabpils Municipality. The young Lynxes were named Jete, Jakobīne and Lūsija. On this occasion, Lynxes received a special treat, made of beef and decorated with quail eggs. Aivars Kraps, Jēkabpils Mayor, also presented a gift to the Lynxes family, balls of the Jēkabpils basketball team "Jēkabpils lūši" (Jēkabpils Lynxes).

Lion Month at the Zoo: A Call to donate balls to the Zoo's Lions


Let's celebrate the Lion Month at the Zoo on 5–11 August! We call you to bring your leather ball (either football or volleyball, either new or used) to the Zoo, as a gift to the Zoo's African Lion pair, Kali and Tswanga, to promote their physical activities. All ball contributors will receive a Riga Zoo Yearbook 2018 with a signature of the Zoo's Director, Ingmārs Līdaka.

The first animals to inhabit the new African Savannah exhibit


Thanks to the financial support provided by SIA Latvijas Mobilais telefons (LMT), the first animals to inhabit the new African Savannah exhibit, Elands, Impalas and Kirk's Dik-diks, have already arrived to the Zoo.

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