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Winter Nights at the Zoo with the support of the Inquiry service 1188


Not too long ago the trees in the zoo were still covered in golden leaves; however, now one can already feel the Christmas spirit at the zoo. Indeed — the Winter Nights are here! Thus, from December 18 until January 24 it will be possible to visit the zoo and see the animals also during late evenings.

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Animal Days 2015


Already this weekend, on October 3 and 4, the Riga Zoo will celebrate its 103d anniversary with the traditional birthday celebration event — the Animal Days. As per usual, the people who have promoted the diversity of the animal kingdom throughout their lives by having the name of an animal in their name and/or surname are especially welcome to the Riga Zoo and its affiliate Cīruļi during the event.

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50 % discount on the entrance fee at the Zoo affiliate ‘Cīruļi’ until the end of September


Print out a coupon and visit the Zoo affiliate "Cīruļi"! Until September 30, it is possible to get a 50% discount on the entrance fee, thus, the tickets will cost:

  • € 2.00 for adults;
  • € 1.50 for children and pensioners;
  • € 1.75 for students.


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Discover the Tropics!


The Tropical Month at the Riga Zoo takes place from February 2 until March 1 together with the Inquiry Service 1188, snake-necked turtle babies and the mysterious nocturnal creature Naksnītis.

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50% discount on the entrance fee at the Zoo branch CĪRUĻI


Even though it is still winter and the ground is covered with snow, it is possible to feel the spring approaching – days are becoming longer and sunnier and, therefore, also the animals are more energetic and cheerful.

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February Special Offers


Thanks to our collaboration partners the inquiry service 1188 and the collective buying website, it is possible to enjoy the activities of the Tropical Month for a reduced fee.


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Winter Nights at the Riga Zoo!


Do you know what the animals get up to after dusk? Do you want to catch the Christmas spirit? Only half an hour’s ride from the Riga city centre and you will be in another world – a world where you can marvel at nature’s diversity and learn about the remarkable ways in which different animals adapt to survive. Leave the rush, lack of time, supermarkets and your everyday concerns behind you and come enjoy the calm surroundings, breathe fresh air and look at the wonderful animals during the Winter Nights!

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Photography Contest Closed!


The photography contest “Zoo in Your Camera”, organised by the Riga Zoo, has closed. Almost 1000 photos that were taken in different zoos were entered in the contest.

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More Than 2600 Children Have Helped the Zoo by Collecting Acorns


This year, the oaks were especially rich with acorns, and more than 2600 hardworking children helped the zoo by collecting unbelievable amount of acorns – 10 097 kg. The animals in the Riga Zoo and its affiliate “Cīruļi” are thankful to all the participants for the delicious acorns!

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Animal Days 2014 on October 11 and 12


This year, the Riga Zoo will celebrate its 102nd anniversary. In the last few years, it has become a tradition for the Riga Zoo to prepare birthday presents for both animals and visitors. A few days ago, the renovated Camel house was opened. The renovation was possible due to the financial support of the company 4finance brand

This weekend, on October 11 and 12, the traditional birthday celebration event, also known as the Animal Days, will take place in the Riga Zoo as well as the zoo’s affiliate Cīruļi. As per usual, the people whose name and/or surname contains a name of an animal are especially welcome to the zoo during these days, because for those, who have promoted the diversity of the animal kingdom throughout their lives, the entrance fee to the zoo is reduced by half. The event is sponsored by the confectionary manufacturer Laima’s chocolate bar “Vāverīte” (“Little Squirrel”).

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