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Learn more about Latvian toads on 29–30 April


Native amphibians and reptiles did not like this year's long and cold spring very much. Still, you can already meet an occasional frog, toad, snake or lizard in warmer and sunny places. Not everyone likes these neighbors of ours, so it is worth learning more about them. To let visitors learn more about these animals, Riga Zoo organizes Latvian Amphibian an Reptile Days for the fifth year already. The educational workshop "Learn More about Latvian Toads" will take place at the Zoo's Latvian Amphibian and Reptile Hall on 29 and 30 April from 12.00 to 15.00

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Bird Days at Cīruļi on April 8 and 9


After successful Bird Days in Riga Zoo last weekend, the Woodpecker Workshop will travel to the Zoo's Affiliate Cīruļi for the third year already, as wild tit and starling populations need a solution to their lodging problem in Western Latvia, too.

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Bird Days at Riga Zoo under the sign of the Owl


Bird Day events will be taking place at Riga Zoo this weekend, 1–2 April. Since weather forecasts are favourable for this weekend, you are welcome to meet zoo animals as well as to join educational and practical activities.

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A seal pup born in Riga Zoo


The period of time between late January and early March is the time when seal pups are born and the next offspring are conceived.

On 28 January, Riga Zoo's female Grey Seal, Krista, gave birth to her first baby, a healthy seal pup in soft and silky white fur.

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Tropical Month at the Zoo


One of Riga Zoo's long lasting traditions is the Tropical Month which is organized each February. On Saturdays and Sundays of February 2017, visitors are welcome to join events and activities of the 15th Tropical Month in Zoo's Tropical House. This year the focus will be on the best and most hardworking architect and builder in animal life – the Ant! Together we will explore the ants, their life, their amazing homes, their role in ecosystems and the diversity of ant species.

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The first Tamandua baby born in Riga Zoo


Tamandua or Lesser Anteater, is an anteater species that dwells in trees. In 2016, a Southern Tamandua baby was born in Riga Zoo for the first time.

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Spoonbill chicks in the Zoo again


Three Riga Zoo's Spoonbill pairs have hatched chicks.

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Winter Nights at the Zoo


With Christmas time and New Year Eve approaching, it’s time for a great tradition – Winter Nights at the Zoo. From December 16 to January 29 you are welcome to visit the Zoo in the dusk and find out more about animals' night habits. The event is supported by Inquiry Service 1188.

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Hercogs and Lūsija to travel to Japan


On December 19, two young Lynxes, Hercogs and Lūsija, will start their journey from Riga Zoo to Oji Zoo in Kobe, the sister city of Riga.

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Great Bittern in Riga Zoo


Until the end of August (the 28th of August), Riga Zoo will host a travelling exhibition dedicated to the great bittern.

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