Riga City Festival in the Zoo


During Riga City Festival from 18 to 20 August, Riga Zoo invite the zoo visitors to learn more on turtle life. The special work sheets are available at the Zoo entrance.

In collaboration with Inquiry Service 1188, we are offering a discount on the Zoo entrance fee during the Riga City Festival.

On 18, 19 and 20 August, at the Zoo ticket offices, everyone can get free work sheets with tasks and quizzes about turtles.

In addition to this, everyone is welcome to enjoy animal feeding shows. See the show schedule here!

We like to add that penguins will be exhibited at the Zoo until  the end of September.More information here!

During Riga City Festival, together with Inquiry service 1188 we are offering a EUR 1.00 discount on the standard ticket price. This means that from August 18 to 20 the Zoo entrance ticket for an adult will cost EUR 5.00, but a ticket for a child, student or senior – EUR 3.00. Discounts do not sum up.You only have to print out the special free discount coupon that is found on the website of the Inquiry Service 1188, or show it in your phone display.

More on special offers for Zoo visitors in August and September here.

Welcome to the Riga City Festival in the Zoo.


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