Bumblebee Days at Riga Zoo on 10–11 June


The summer is in full swing – wherever you go, you can hear buzzing and humming, chirping and squeaking. Nu doubt, it's time to learn more about another of our neighbors, the Bumblebee. This weekend, on 10 and 11 June Bumblebee Days will take place in Riga Zoo for the fifth time already. In the Zoo's Latvian Amphibian and Reptile Hall, you can see the Bumblebee colony provided by A.M. Ozoli.

When one observes the Bumblebee exhibit, many questions come to one's mind. Who is that big bumblebee seen in the nest? Where are bumblebee babies? Can a bumblebee sting? Are bumblebees useful? How they spend the winter? What is that that is seen adhered to their legs? Where is the bumblebee's honey bucket, etc.

If you wish to find answers to these questions, attend the educational workshop "Bumblebees and Other Social Insects" that will take place by the Latvian Amphibian and Reptile Exhibit on Bumblebee Days from 12:00 to 16:00. You'll be able to learn what bumblebee life is like and try out the everyday tasks of bumblebees, solve puzzles and have a closer look to this secretive world of insects. Everyone will have an opportunity to ask questions about these unusual creatures and learn how to cohabit with them.

The more we know about the animals of Latvia, the easier it is to live beside them, to understand their needs and behavior. Only by understanding these creatures we can help to protect them! Therefore, the activities of the Bumblebee Days are a good addition to the activities of the EAZA campaign Let it Grow. Riga Zoo is an EAZA member and therefore it is also participating in this campaign. Find more information about the campaign here:


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