Meet Lynx kittens on History Night at the Zoo


When the events of Museum Night take place in the city, Riga Zoo invites visitors to its History Night in the evening of 20 May in cooperation with the Inquiry Service 1188. Riga National Zoological Garden will be marking its 105th anniversary this autumn. Over these years, the Zoo has seen many periods of prosperity but it has been through some crises, too.

On History Night, we invite you to leaf through the Zoo's old publications and see an exhibit of old Zoo posters. You will find those in the Latvian Amphibian and Reptile Hall which once used to house the Zoo restaurant. 

Special Zoo maps/worksheets on historical sites of the Zoo are available at the ticket offices. Those visitors who fill the worksheet will earn a Riga Zoo souvenir.

The exhibit "Osteo Stories at the Zoo" is open in the Zoo Hippo House.

On 20 May the Zoo's ticket offices will be open until 22:00. Indoor exhibits will be open until 22:30, and it will be possible to walk the Zoo paths until 23:30. Riga Zoo, together with the Inquiry Service 1188, offers a special 50% discount on entrance fee on History Night from 18:00 until 22:00 with special discount coupons that you can find on the website of the Inquiry Service 1188. More on the discount coupons here! 


Evening Tales at the Zoo's Affiliate Cīruļi

The gate of theZoo's Affiliate Cīruļi will be open, too, offering discounts on the entrance fee to the Evening Tales event. On 20 May from 18:00 until 22:00, with the special 1188 coupon, you can get a 50% discount on the entrance feePrint the discount coupons here!


Lynx kittens and others

On History Night at the Zoo, visitors will have an opportunity to see historical places at the Zoo and observe what Zoo animals do in the evening hours when the gates of the Zoo are usually closed.

The most observant and attentive visitors might get a glimpse of the Lynxes' family life. The Lynx pair, Kamēlija and Rubīns, has three babies. Born a month ago, the young lynxes are now starting to explore the world around their den. Till now, the Lynx pair has reared four young ‒ Hercogs in 2014, as well as Jēkabs, Ambera and Pērle in 2015. Jēkabpils municipality is the supporter of the Zoo's Lynxes.

If you are attentive enough you can also spot Ring-tailed Lemur twins that are still clinging to their mother, Vavi.

Welcome to History Night at the Zoo and Evening Tales in Cīruļi!


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