Animal Family Days at the Zoo on 13–14 May


Just before Animal Family Days, which will take place at the Zoo this weekend, the Hungarian Steppe Cattle family has welcomed another baby. Now there are seven big, light grey adults and already two small, sand-colored calves in the paddock. The older calf already plays and jumps around while his younger brother still spends most of its time lying in the sand.

Takin in Riga ZOOOn 13 and 14 May you are welcome to Animal Family Days at the Zoo. As they follow the trail of animal tracks through the Zoo, visitors will be able to meet various ungulate families as well as the mysterious Takins. The educational workshop "Takins and other ungulates" will take place from 12.00 to 16.00 on both days. Everyone will have an opportunity to solve puzzles and play educational games to learn what Takins are, how they survive in the harsh mountain environment and what threats these unique animals face.

To make Animal Family Days even more pleasant, Riga Zoo, together with the Inquiry Service 1188, offers the special 50 % discount on entrance fee to Zoo visitors during Animal Family Days. You only have to print the special discount coupon that can be found on the website of the Inquiry Service 1188. With this coupon, on 13 and 14 May the entrance fee will be EUR 3.00 for adults and EUR 2.00 for children, students and seniors. You can find more information here!


Romanov Sheep in Riga ZOOOther news in the Zoo’s animal families

There are already two babies in the Hungarian Steppe Cattle family. The first calf was born on 10 April, the second – on 5 May.

Meet babies of Pygmy Goats and Romanov Sheep at the Latvian Farmstead Exhibit.

The Patas Monkey family has two young as well. The infants were born at the end of March and beginning of April respectively.

The Cinereous Vulture family has had a happy event, too. A healthy chick has hatched from the long-incubated egg. The parents worry and care for their young very much. In order not to disturb them, the large raptor exhibit is closed to the public for now. A successful breeding of Cinereous Vultures is a remarkable achievement. The Cinereous Vulture pair in Riga has already raised chicks in 2015 and 2016, and we hope for a success this season, too. Last year only 8 Cinereous Vulture young were raised in zoos in Europe, and each young vulture is of great importance to the captive population of this threatened species.


Welcome to Animal Family Days at the Zoo!


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