Rabbit Day at Cīruļi on 6 May


On Saturday, 6 May, Rabbit Day will be taking place at Riga Zoo’s Affiliate Cīruļi in Kalvene. From 12.00 to 14.00 the rabbit collection of 'Kalvenes trusis' rabbit farm will be presented. 'Kalvenes trusis' is a member of Latvian Small Animal Breeders Association, 'Trusis un Citi'.

Rabbit Day at Cīruļi Visitors will meet representatives of twenty domestic rabbit breeds including Flemish Giants of Belgium that can reach more than 7 kg in weight, Mecklenburg red and black-and-white rabbits, Giant Chinchilla, Californian, New Zealand White and New Zealand Red, French Lop, Madagascar Lop, Japanese and Thuringer rabbits as well as Lionhead rabbits.

Information panels will provide more information on rabbits, secrets of their life, origins, characteristic features, as well as the history of rabbit breeding. There will be rabbits for sale, too.

As a special offer for rabbit lovers, you will be able to have your photograph taken together with some of the rabbits at a photo corner.


50% discount on entrance at Cīruļi till the end of May

From 1 May to 31 May you can visit Cīruļi with 50% discount on entrance. You only have to print the special discount coupon that can be found on the website of the Inquiry Service 1188 that will grant the 50% discount on Cīruļi entrance fee. With this coupon, the entrance fee for adults will be EUR 2.00, for children and seniors only EUR 1.50, and for students EUR 1.75. Get the coupons here!

Other news at Cīruļi

Ķoniņš, the Grey Wolf, has met his fiancée, Alize. The female wolf has just arrived from Sweden. Both wolves are born in 2015. Ķoniņš, a wolf from Latvia, was found as an orphaned pup in a forest and raised at Cīruļi. Alize was born in Lycksele Djurpark, Sweden. Both wolves now share the Cīruļi wolf enclosure – 2 hectares of birch grove and meadow.



At the raptor breeding complex, Cinereous Vultures continue to sit on their egg. The incubation period covers nearly 2 months (50–56 days) and is now coming to an end. If you'll be silent and won't disturb them, if lucky, you will see some events of the birds’ family life. Last year Cīruļi vultures hatched and raised a chick, in autumn it was sent to Ouwehands Zoo in the Netherlands. Successful breeding of Cinereous Vultures is a remarkable achievement. In 2016 only 8 Cinereous Vulture young were raised in European zoos, 2 of them in Latvia (both Cīruļi and Riga Zoo vulture pairs raised a chick respectively).

The Cīruļi landscape soon will be dominated by yellow as May will come with the dandelion flowering season.

Welcome to Cīruļi!


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