Learn more about Latvian toads on 29–30 April


Native amphibians and reptiles did not like this year's long and cold spring very much. Still, you can already meet an occasional frog, toad, snake or lizard in warmer and sunny places. Not everyone likes these neighbors of ours, so it is worth learning more about them. To let visitors learn more about these animals, Riga Zoo organizes Latvian Amphibian an Reptile Days for the fifth year already. The educational workshop "Learn More about Latvian Toads" will take place at the Zoo's Latvian Amphibian and Reptile Hall on 29 and 30 April from 12.00 to 15.00

Everyone will have an opportunity to solve puzzles and play educational games to learn what the toad is, what this amphibian likes to eat, what toad species are found in Latvia, where they live, how to recognize them, and what their relatives are. We hope that this knowledge will help people to better coexist with these remarkable and secretive creatures.

With the educational workshop "Learn More about Latvian Toads" Riga Zoo continues its activities within European campaign Let It Grow (, informing society on the diversity of Latvian fauna and highlighting the need of its conservation.

Latvian Amphibian and Reptile Exhibit reopens for the season 2017

Latvian amphibians and reptiles at the Zoo have already waken up from hibernation and have been moved to their exhibit terrariums. Amphibians are already trying their springtime songs.



Welcome to the Zoo to learn more about animals around us!



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