Visiting the Zoo


The Riga Zoo is open for visitors all year round.

Each season of the year in the zoo is different, but they all are interesting in their own way:

  • Spring is the time when love is in the air: this can be felt in the songs that birds and animals are singing for each other;
  • Summer is the time when most animal babies are born;
  • In autumn the newest generation of animals are learning the ways of life;
  • In winter the visitors can peacefully explore the indoor exhibits and attend the “Tropical month” events in February.


Currently the area of the Riga Zoo is about 20 hectares and the zoo houses around 3000 animals (excluding insects and other invertebrates) of 405 species.

cenas_en.jpgWhen planning a visit to the zoo, keep in mind that:

  • Animals are most active in the fist part of the day;
  • During the summer (June, July, August) from 11.30 to 14.15 the visitors have an opportunity to see animal feeding shows;
  • Seeing all the exhibits in a leisurely manner might take no less than 3-4 hours;
  • In the territory of the zoo there is a paid parking lot, several cafes and kiosks (during the winter period cafes and kiosks may be closed), as well as nice places for picnic;
  • Bicycles can be left at special racks by the zoo entrance;
  • Dogs are not allowed at the zoo; bicycles, roller skates, etc. may not be brought into the zoo; and you mustn’t feed animals with the food that you have brought with you.


The zoo is changing all the time. New animal houses are being built; animal collection is changing and the choice of educational programmes (lectures, excursions and classes) offered at the zoo is expanding. Therefore, if you haven’t been to the zoo for a year, many surprises await you.


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