Latvian Amphibian and Reptile Days at the Zoo on April 23 and 24!


"Three snakes have been found in a house in Daugavpils", "rescue workers catch a snake in a kindergarten", "emergency services yesterday rescued cats, birds and even snakes" , "this year, 12 people have already been bitten by snakes" these are just a few examples of the article titles that often can be seen in newspapers and on the internet. As the weather turns warmer, also the zoo's information office receives more and more calls from people wanting to know answers to these and many other questions: What to do if there is a snake in the backyard? Are all snakes poisonous? How do they move about without legs? What is the difference between slow worm and smooth snake? Do toads and frogs eat strawberries? What amphibians and reptiles can be found near my house and are they dangerous?

Amphibians and reptiles are all around us and we need to learn to live with them; therefore, Riga Zoological garden for the fourth year in a row welcomes everyone to Latvian Amphibian and Reptile Days on April 23 and 24.


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Bird Days at Cīruļi on April 9 and 10


The Bird Days will be coming to the Riga Zoo affiliate "Cīruļi" on April 9 and 10. Therefore, those who cannot make it to the Riga Zoo this weekend and still want to build a birdhouse for tits or starlings or an artificial nest for forest dormice, are welcome to visit the zoo affiliate "Cīruļi" in Kalvene.

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The Zoo's Cinereous Vultures are Already Hatching Their Eggs


While other birds have yet to lay their eggs, the cinereous vultures have already started hatching their eggs. Last year, two cinereous vulture chicks hatched and successfully fledged — one of them in the Riga Zoo, the other one in the Riga Zoo affiliate "Cīruļi". While other birds have yet to lay their eggs, the cinereous vultures have already started hatching their eggs. Last year, two cinereous vulture chicks hatched and successfully fledged — one of them in the Riga Zoo, the other one in the Riga Zoo affiliate "Cīruļi".


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Bird Days at the Zoo on April 2 and 3


It has become a sort of a tradition in Latvia to greet the arrival of spring by doing something to improve the surrounding environment. Not only are there many people who have started working in the garden, but also quite many people have been calling to the zoo to ask when will the annual Bird Days be organized because people want to visit the zoo and build birdhouses.

Now we can safely announce that the Riga Zoo will be organizing the Bird Days this weekend on April 2 and 3.

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Seal Days at the Riga Zoo!


This weekend, on the 19th and 20th of March, from 12:00 to 16:00, the Riga Zoo will be organizing the Seal Days. The weather is becoming warmer and seals are being born on the uninhabited islands of Estonia. So far no seal pups have been brought from the beaches of Latvia to the zoo. However, to educate people about what to do if one finds a seal pup on the beach, the Riga Zoo in collaboration with Nature Conservation Agency and the city of Ventspils invites everyone to the Seal Days at the zoo.

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This Year's Tropical Month is Dedicated to Wetlands


For the fourteenth year the month of February is celebrated as the Tropical Month at the Riga Zoo. Previous years the Tropical Month has been dedicated to different animal groups living in tropical regions and their adaptations for survival in such environment; however, this year we will explore one of the most diverse ecosystems — wetlands. After all, up to 12% of all animal species live in damp habitats.

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Winter Nights at the Zoo with the support of the Inquiry service 1188


Not too long ago the trees in the zoo were still covered in golden leaves; however, now one can already feel the Christmas spirit at the zoo. Indeed — the Winter Nights are here! Thus, from December 18 until January 24 it will be possible to visit the zoo and see the animals also during late evenings.

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Animal Days 2015


Already this weekend, on October 3 and 4, the Riga Zoo will celebrate its 103d anniversary with the traditional birthday celebration event — the Animal Days. As per usual, the people who have promoted the diversity of the animal kingdom throughout their lives by having the name of an animal in their name and/or surname are especially welcome to the Riga Zoo and its affiliate Cīruļi during the event.

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50 % discount on the entrance fee at the Zoo affiliate ‘Cīruļi’ until the end of September


Print out a coupon and visit the Zoo affiliate "Cīruļi"! Until September 30, it is possible to get a 50% discount on the entrance fee, thus, the tickets will cost:

  • € 2.00 for adults;
  • € 1.50 for children and pensioners;
  • € 1.75 for students.


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Discover the Tropics!


The Tropical Month at the Riga Zoo takes place from February 2 until March 1 together with the Inquiry Service 1188, snake-necked turtle babies and the mysterious nocturnal creature Naksnītis.

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